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How does the preparation and delivery of your order proceed?

Production : As soon as we receive your order, our team reproduces your sticker on computer according to the options you have chosen (logo, font, text, size). Then, the sticker is cut out by a machine, checked and taken care of by our team until its final shape. This process usually takes 1 to 3 working days.

Shipping : All produced stickers are gathered and sorted by our shipping team. They are responsible for preparing the orders and inserting each sticker into the correct envelope for the recipient. At the end of the day, all envelopes are picked up by the Swiss national post and delivered to your address. This process usually takes 3 to 4 business days.

To minimize our environmental impact, we prioritize small envelope shipments. They are not tracked, but we guarantee to receive your order, even if we have to send a second envelope !

If the influx of orders is too high, it is possible that the announced delays will be extended.

Shipping costs include packaging and delivery costs. These costs may vary and are not entirely dependent on KNZ Concept.

No refund of shipping costs is possible. Orders are shipped on time, but sometimes the post office may be delayed depending on the area and region. These circumstances are not under our control.

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